Charted Accountant Course and Cost Management Accountant Course details


The most popular Commerce courses are Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA).  After the introduction of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) the country has undergone a major transformation.  Business opportunities have increased hundreds of times.  The role of ecommerce professionals has become crucial in every business.  In the face of globalization, the opportunities for the Indian CA and CMA have increased greatly.  Therefore, a higher percentage of students are interested in reading CA / CMA compared to the past.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) came into force nationwide.  These include 3 to 5 times more employment opportunities for CA / CMAs and other ecommerce professionals.  Students who completed the degree 20-30 years ago will study CA / CMA.  Those who completed the degree were older, so they had to take care of family weight.  Such people would not have been able to have full concentration on CA / CMA.  - Coaching is not available in our state at the time.  So the students are studying in the state.  The financial burden is on the rise.  So there is no significant passage in CA / CMA.  But after 2000, the craze for CA / CMA courses coincided with science courses.  Another change is the provision of CA (ICAI) and CMA (ICMAI) institutions to enter the CA / CMAs after completing the Inter rather than the Degree.  - Since the completion of the internship, the passing percentage has increased and the chances of becoming a career as a CA / CMA at a young age have increased.  Many people were surprised when they were allowed to join CA when the intern was finished.  Is this possible?  Can children reach that level?  That is.  But after Inter, the thousands of students who took the CA were not only talented, but the enrollment of CA increased and the pass percentage of CA also increased by 3 to 4 times.  The reason for this is that students who once did a degree after CA are now completing Inter.  There are also two other reasons for the increase in the pass percentage of the CEA / CMA.  The first is the availability of good academic institutions for CA / CMA coaching in the Telugu state, and the second is that most of the students who have completed the inter-disciplinary course are headed towards engineering / medicine courses.  But when students who have completed Inter have the opportunity to join CA, and have grown up with CA / CMA coaching institutes, e-commerce courses have begun to turn towards CA / CMA, especially since they are not engineering or medicine courses.  In particular, the Inter-MEC group is preparing for a large number of CA / CMAs.  - CA / CMA Candidates are pursuing a degree as a backup course in addition to the CA / CMA.  The educational institutions that offer coaching to CA / CMA are also promoted as a degree backup course with the CMA.  Every student taking IIT coaching is a student of IIT and NEET.  Also, not every student studying CA may not pass CA.  If the student stops the CA and CMA courses for any reason, the degree is parallel to the CA and CMA, so the degree can be completed by Competitive, Bank Exams, Law, MBA, Post Graduation.  There are a lot of people who have completed a degree like Beacom and have good accounting knowledge and have good accounting knowledge.  This opportunity is also available for those who stop at the CA / CMA.  Even though CA / CMA does not complete the CA / CMA, they are aware of the subjects in the CA / CMA.  Apart from that, they are also taking practical training.  So those who stop in the middle of the CA / CMA compared to everyone else have the best talent in the accounting field.
Charted Accountant Course and Cost Management Accountant Course details CA CMA

Accounting Technician Course (ATC)

The second phase of the CEA is Inter.  The old name for this is CA-IPCC.  The IPCC consists of two groups, Group-1 and Group-2.  If you have passed the Group-I of the IPCC and have completed a year-long articleship with a CA and apply for the CA Institute's Accounting Technician Certificate, the CA Institute will recognize such candidates as a Certificate of Accounting Technician.  This is a great decision taken by the CA Institute (ICAI) to give a qualification even to those who have completed half of the CA.  The third phase is to complete the second phase then only the Accounting Technician Certificate from the Institute for CA students to get jobs in the medium receive corporate organizations, its own aitipi (under the Income Tax practitioner) or STP (sales tax practitioner) or a practitioner in GST Light  ID status, respect settle.  New syllabus added to CA-2017  In this syllabus, CA-IPCC is named CA-Inter.  How these CA Inter students are going to get the ATC (Accounting Technician Certificate) is yet to be finalized.  We hope that the CA Institute will be notified about them soon.  There is a specialty in CA compared to BTech and Medicine.  If you stop between BTech and Medicine, you should ask the qualification what is the intermediate.  But if you stop studying in CA after completing up to Group-I in the IPCC in one year, you will be given a CA Institute Accounting Technician Certificate.

CA (Chartered Accountancy) - Formed by a law in Parliament in 1949, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAA) conducts CA examinations nationwide.  -SA is performed in all three stages.  They are .. CA Foundation, CA Inter, CA Final - After the second class, the MEC can read the CE Foundation.  Or you can read CA after completing the Inter (MPC / BPS / MEC / HEC / any other group).  -MPC / bipci read CA is not wrong.  But doing MEC and CA is a wise decision.  -After completing CA 6 1/2 years, Inter after 4 1/2 years.

CA and CMA pass percentage - CA Foundation January 2019 results = 44% - CA Inter February 2019 results, CA Inter Group - 1 = 18.54%, CA Inter Group - 2 = 43.04% - CA Final January 2019 results, - CA Final Group  1 = 30.44%, CA Final Group-2 = 23.41% - Source: - CMA Foundation June 2019 Results, - CMA Inter Group-1 = 18.62%, CMA Inter Group-2 = 40.05% - CMA Final June  In the 2019 results, - CMA Final Group -  1 = 13.88% CMA Final Group-2 = 27.27% -Source:

Things to note for those who want to read CA / CMA

Those who have commitment and perseverance must take this course.  These courses do not require intelligence but self-responsibility.  This means that the course is well suited for students who want to study for themselves, rather than for someone else.  Read the Degree Course like Beacom as a backup course along with the CE / CMA.  At least 10 to 15 years of coaching is good for coaching companies.  - If the tenth grade students join the CA after the tenth grade, it will take 6 1/2 years to complete the CA.  The same CMA, however, takes the Tenth students 5 years and the Inter 3 years.  It is best to take at least 1 year to 1 1/2 years of buffer (addition) in any of these two courses.  - CE / CMAs are eCommerce courses so those who want to study these courses after 10th class should take the MEC at Inter and read CA / CMA.  Most are not aware of CA / CMA after 10th grade or have read the MPC and BYP in the Inter and then join the CA / CMA.  The MPC, bipisi read the CA / CMA is not necessary.  But taking the MEC at the CA and doing the CA is a wise decision.  CA / CMA Evergreen Courses.  These courses are cost effective.  Employment opportunities are high.  Courses that they can put themselves on their feet with good practice in society and practice on their own without having to depend on anyone.

CMA (Cost and Management Accountancy)

 The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India (ICMAI) The CMA consists of all 3 phases.  They are CMA Foundation, CMA Inter, CMA Final.  - After the second class, the MEC can be read by the CMA Foundation, or even after completing the Inter (MPC / BIPC / MEC / HEC / any other group). After 10th CA Five years, Inter after three can complete.