what are g 7 countries and Consequences at the 45th Conference.


The G7 summit, which began internationally with some skepticism and a few expectations, ended without any specific action and joint statement.  Although not a member state, India has enjoyed great success during this summit.  What is the original G7?  Consider what aspects of the conference were discussed and what are the current developments

What is G7 ?

A seven-nation alliance with the most advanced and industrialized economies.  The US is a member of Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan.  The name G7 denotes the number of member states.

How is it formed?

After the Yom Kippur War (between Arab-Israeli countries), OPEC countries cut off oil supplies to the countries that supported Israel.  Prices have also increased.  The alliance was formed during this crisis.  In the early days, only economic and political issues were discussed.  The Coalition focuses on a number of international issues to adapt to changing circumstances over time.  It discusses issues such as Indolence, security, trade, climate change, international health issues, gender equality, and poverty.  In addition, the G7 will also discuss the issue if the country presiding over the relevant year is on any agenda.

45th Conference

This is a 45 room facility for the G7 Alliance.  The seminar was held from the 24th to the 26th of this month in Briarritz, France.  The conference was chaired by member country France.  The main focus of the conference was to fight inequality, create opportunities for all and strengthen democracy for a safer world.

Issues discussed

International trade, global warming, the Iran nuclear deal, and the digital tax spilling over into the Amazon jungles were discussed.  No joint statement was released after the conference.  The president of France, who presided over the summit, issued a statement.  In its essence, the Coalition is committed to a transparent, unbiased world trade.

Key Issues- Consequences at the Conference.

Russia is a member of the Alliance, now known as the G7, until 2014.  It was then called Ji8.  Russia was ousted as a member state after the Ukraine disaster.  US President Trump is pushing for Russia to get back into the alliance.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel will soon be in talks with the leaders of Russia and Ukraine, French President Macron said.  This means that by next year's summit there are chances of Russian alliance.

New hopes on the Iran issue

French President Macron has worked hard during the G-7 summit on reconciliation between the US and Iran.  It was in this backdrop that Iran welcomed Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif.  US President Trump did not meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister, but did not respond to his invitation.  On the other hand, Trump said he was ready to negotiate with Iran under appropriate circumstances.  The US is likely to hold talks with Iran on the issue during the UN summit in September.

American China Trade War

Coalition members have expressed concern that the US trade war with China would cripple the world economy.  There was no clear guarantee from the US on the issue, but signaled that it would soon enter into a major trade agreement with China.  China is also ready to solve the problem.

Other items

Colici came to this seminar on the topic of DIGITAL TAX.  An agreement has been reached between the US and France on this issue.  The G7 member states are in favor of the mandate in Hong Kong.  The Sino-British joint statement was requested to continue.  -Brexit item later revealed that the US is going to make a big trade deal with Britain.  President Trump has said that America is ready for a new trade agreement.  The agreement aims to provide American agricultural products with a market in Japan.  - With the exception of the digital tax system as a whole, the G7 summit ended without any constructive debate, such as the US-China trade war and the economic downturn.  The US will preside over the summit next year.

G 7- India - a great victory

G 7 countries have a tradition of inviting international organizations and non-member countries to their conferences.  France welcomed our country INDIA on this occasion.  Prime Minister Modi attended the summit.  Participated in separate meetings.  US President Trump met with Trump on the occasion.  Modi was able to tell Trump that the US would not interfere in the Kashmir issue and that India and Pakistan would resolve the issue only through bilateral talks.  This is, in a way, a diplomatic victory for India.  On the other hand, French President Macron has been in favor of India over the same issue.  He said he would hold talks with the Pakistani prime minister.  Modi discussed at other meetings on the role of technology in the eradication of inequalities and the harmful effects of plastic use once used.  During his visit to France during the G-7 summit, Modi discussed bilateral issues in particular. India and France have decided to establish a digital partnership between the two countries.  They have come to an agreement to cooperate with each other to combat cyber crime.  Key agreements have been made on digital sharing.


G7 specializes in climate change.  Amazon has raised concerns over woodland fires.  The Alliance of Member States has agreed to allocate $ 22 million to put out the fire.  US President Trump, who has been mocking the Paris deal since, has not attended a conference on climate change as part of the conference.  Evo justified himself by saying that America's wealth depended on fuel exports.  So this conference on the topic of climate change has not achieved much.

                  -M. BALA LATHA,  HYDERABAD.