BRITAIN Master Scholarships for those who want to study in abroad

Today there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to study abroad.  The country also provides incentives for those who are not financially able to study in Britain.  Masters Scholarships are awarded for this purpose.  Let us briefly look into the details of the announcement of this.
Eligibility: Those who have passed both degree and second year job experience are eligible for Masters Degree on Scholarships.  Similarly-career professionals offer fellowships for short-term courses to excel in their respective fields.

Number of Scholarships: About 1,800 scholarships are awarded each year.  110 Indian students were allotted it.  Note: Those who wish to pursue a Masters Degree in Britain are eligible to receive scholarships.  Students are selected through various stages.

Total Scholarship: The British Government will cover all expenses for the year of the Masters.  This includes fees and residential expenses.  Each student spends over 30 thousand pounds a year.  According to Indian currency, it is over Rs 26 lakh.  They can enroll in any of the 12 types of Master's courses.  There are a variety of courses ranging from innovations, cybersecurity to health, science and technology, life science, business administration and public administration.

At what universities can you do the course?  The freedom of course selection is for students.  You can join anywhere in Britain's 150 universities.
APPLICATION: can be found on the website.
LAST DATE: November 5
Option Process Results: Announced in February.
Website for full details:

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